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Rocky Mountain Aircraft Proudly offering this innovative flight deck solution.

Avilon is a unique avionics flight deck approach, unlike any other, that ensures your King Air retrofit experience is nothing short of majestic.

Unprecedented cost savings and reduced downtime
  • Upgrade cost of $175k, less than half the cost of comparable upgrade solutions.
  • Protect your profit margins removing costly ongoing maintenance.
  • Extend the life of your fleet with a retrofit and as little as 2-3 weeks downtime.
  • Training included from our highly-skilled team.
  • A simple, unparalleled all-in solution.
Innovative architecture with impressive capability
  • Allows for a straight-in approach.
  • Engineered to support Controller Pilot Data Link Communication for the future.
  • Unlike other retrofit solutions, Avilon is not built on top of antiquated technologies.
  • Customizable displays with:
    • FMS
    • Synthetic Vision
    • Autopilot
    • PBN
    • DS-B
    • TAWS-A
Redundancy & reliability - the exclusive Path Guidance Panel™
  • Supplies processing for flight guidance and management functions.
  • Ensures the highest level of dispatch reliability, and in-flight continuity of function.
  • Allows for tactical aircraft control and enhanced situational awareness designed for heavy IFR use.
Technology designed for today with an eye to the future
  • Designed to be compliant with the regulations of today and tomorrow.
  • Addresses future antenna diversity requirements (2 antennas).
  • Provides the ability to realize the full benefit of new airspace operations in the future.

Avilon Flight Deck Equipment

12.1" Touch-Enabled Pilot & Co-Pilot Primary Displays (qty.2)

  • Extensive and intelligent use of touch control
  • PFD: airspeed scale, path deviations, flight path vector, & synthetic vision
  • HSD: with map, synthetic vision, TAWS, straight and curved paths, radar & traffic
  • VFDTM (Vertical Flight Display): altimeter, flight path angle, energy ball™, vertical flight plan path, terrain profile view
  • VSD (Vertical Situation Display) with vertical profile, terrain profile view, altitude constraints, altitude limit, climb capability display.
  • ComStrip™ – continuously shows active transceiver frequencies
  • MFD (Multi-Function Display) with multiple screens for flight plan editing, communications, alerting details, system management
  • DCP (Display Control Panel) – Hard controls provide instant access to most-needed functions.

8.4” Touch-Enabled Pilot & Co-Pilot Secondary Displays (qty. 2)

  • Extensive and intelligent use of touch control
  • Graphical flight planning
  • Engine instrumentation
  • Measured fuel quantities
  • Calculated fuel quantities
  • Flap position
  • Fuel range
  • DCP (Display Control Panel) – Hard controls provide instant access to most-needed functions during flight planning operations.

AHRS – (qty. 3 including 1 standby)

ADC (Air Data Computers) (qty. 3 including 1 standby)

WAAS GPS (qty. 2)

FMS (Flight Management System) (qty. 2)

  • Supports single pilot or two pilot operations
  • Fully compliant NextGen path capability
  • RNAV/RNP including RF legs
  • LPV approaches
  • RNAV/RNP to ILS final approach

VOR/ILS Receiver (qty. 2)

PGP™ (Path Guidance Panel)

  • Single point tactical control
  • Tactical operations integrated with flight plan
  • Direction control – track or heading
  • Supports Flight path angle, Speed-based climb or descent
  • Altitude Limit and Altitude Hold
  • LNAV & VNAV including coupled approach
  • Autopilot /Flight Director Engage/Disengage
  • See What’s Next™ Lateral and Vertical Preview displays
  • Emergency mode providing standby flight instruments

Auto Pilot / Flight Director Computer (qty. 2)

  • High Performance 3D Path following
  • Stall and over-speed protection
  • Servo amplifier driving the existing auto pilot servos (qty. 1)

VHF Com Radios – 20 watt (qty. 2), 8.33Khz capable

Audio Systems (qty.2)

  • Fully digital, controlled from the primary displays
  • Separate pilot & co-pilot mixers and amplifiers
  • Supports passenger cabin speaker operations
  • Fully redundant, including emergency audio modes

TAWS Class A

Mode S Transponder (qty. 2)

  • 250 watt, 1030/1090ES (ADS-B In/Out)
  • Supports diversity antennas
  • TCAS compatible

ADS-B Receiver (978)

  • Provides supplemental TIS and weather data

Radar altitude

  • Interfaces with existing radar altimeter


  • Interfaces with existing radar

Standby power supply

  • Provides 45 minutes of Avilon standby power in the event of complete electrical system failure.

External Radios

  • Supports audio for external com radios (up to 4)
  • Control interface for parallel tuned radio (optional, qty. 1)
  • ARINC 429 external radio tuning (up to 3)

Data recording

  • 100+ hours
  • Wireless maintenance downloads

Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Secure Internet connection available on ground
  • Program uploads
  • Database uploads
  • Flight plan uploads
  • Maintenance data download
  • Secure iPad wireless interface

TSO'S and Environmental

Function Applicable TSO's
ADS-B In/Out C154c,C157a,C166b,C195a
Air Data Computer C2d,C3e,C8e,C10b,C43cC46a,C88b, C95a,C106,C147AHRS
AHRS C3e,C4c, C6e, C201
Autopilot C198
Cockpit and Passenger Audio C139
Directional Gyro C5f
Displays C63d, C87a, C105, C113a, C118, C165
Engine Instruments C43c, C44c, C45b,C47a, C49b, C55a
Function Applicable TSO's
Flight Director C198
FMS C115c
GPS C145d, C146d
Mode S Transponder C74d, C112d
Standby Power C174
VHF Nav C34e, C36e, C40c
VHF Com C169a
Taws C92c, C151c
DO160 Environmental Category [A2F1]BBBSXXXXXXZ

Partnered with the best technology in mind

For over 30 years, Rocky Mountain Aircraft has been dedicated to the highest level of quality service, support and maintenance of twin turbine aircraft. That means you can expect peace of mind and valuable insight into the most advanced technology available today, and tomorrow. That insight led to our partnership with Sandel® as its exclusive Canadian distributor of their unprecedented avionics upgrades.

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